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Butterfly Beauty Plaza’s Carlow tanning salon offers the best spray tan treatments. The Tan priducts we have available Catwalk HQ, Belllamianta, Black Magic, Californian & Vita Liberata.

Bellamianta Spray Tan – Full Body (3-4 Hr.)€25
Black Magic Argan (Medium)€25
Black Magic Argan (Dark)15%€25
Californian 4 Hr. Spray Tan (Full Body)€25
Catwalk HQ Full Body Spray Tan€25
Half Body Spray Tan€16
Vita Liberata Full Body Spray Tan€25

Schedule your spray tan in our Carlow tanning salon today.

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Tanning Preparation

Spray Tan Dos

  •  You should exfoliate and mositureise your skin 2 to 3 weeks before yout spray tan
  • Shower the day before your tan and do not moisture
  • You should shave or wax at least 24 hours before the treatment
  • Do not apply make-up, deodorants or perfume) before your spray tan treatment.
  • Remove all jewellery and don’t put it back on until after you shower off the spray tan
  • Wear dark, loose-fitting clothes, no jeans or leggings. A zippy hoodie or a tracksuit is ideal

Spray Tan Don’ts

  • Don’t moisturise on the day of the tan as this can create a barrier
  • Don’t wear boots, tights, trainers or socks to the tanning salon. Wear flip-flops instead.
  • Don’t wear expensive clothes as tanning can stain clothing
  • Don’t wear expensive underwear, as tanning can stain underwear

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Tanning Salon FAQ

I need a spray tan near me. What is your catchment area?

Our Carlow tanning salon’s central location means we provide fake tans to client’s in Carlow, Laois Kildare, Kilkenny and the surrounding area.

How long should I leave my tan on before I shower?

Most of our tans are express tans and can be washed off three to four hours after the application. You will see a golden tan develop within 24 hours.