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Advanced Nutrition Programme Immunity Intelligence 28 day


This supplement pack contains 28 separate wellbeing pods, each containing 5 capsules and tablets, to be taken as your daily supplement regime!

Each wellbeing pod contains:

Advanced Nutrition Programme Colostrum-C, which brings together colostrum (a pre-milk substance which promotes healing, and vitamin C, for antioxidant protection. Colostrum also contains immunoglobulins, which can help to target antigens in the body.
Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin Vitality 1, which contains in excess of 25 vitamins and minerals, including, but not limited to: vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, folate, zinc, iron, and selenium as well as plant nutrients including bilberries.
Advanced Nutrition Programme Skin VIT A+, a capsule effectively synergises together vitamin A with vitamin D. This can help to support overall skin health, the immune system, vision, bones, muscles, and more besides!
Skin Vit C, to support the immune system and skin!
These wellbeing pods can provide immuno-support in one handy, daily dose, and help to support your skin-health at the same time. Each pack contains a 28-day supply of supplements, which amounts to 84 capsules & 56 tablets.

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